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Camfil APC's GoldLink™ is your anytime access to the diagnostics of your dust collection system.

GoldLink is your anytime access to the diagnostics of your industrial dust collection system. GoldLink monitors 4 preset analog inputs and 16 preset digital inputs to keep you informed on your operation. GoldLink sends multiple users messages when critical set points are reached insuring your manufacturing facility is safer and more productive. GoldLink can be included in any Camfil integrated control panel or retro-fit to systems already installed.

How does it work?

  • GoldLink will ship preprogrammed
  • Install and connect to the internet
  • GoldLink creates a tunnel for data to be sent to the Camfil APC server
  • Data is packaged in a usable format
  • Customers, reps and Camfil APC can monitor health of filtration system via website

Critical points that can be monitored

  • Primary and secondary filter pressure drop
  • Airflow velocity
  • Emissions (dust by-pass)
  • Run status of the fan, airlock, VFD and more
  • Explosion safety devices
  • What is GoldLink?

No matter where you are, GoldLink ensures your dust collection system is running properly. GoldLink monitors critical points of your dust collection system. Like filter pressure drop, airflow velocity, emissions (dust by-pass), run status of fans, airlocks and VFD's, and your explosion safety devices. GoldLink will send messages directly to you when these devices reach critical set points. This ensures that you can take preventative measures when your system requires it. This will keep your operation safer and more productive.

Be the first to know when issues (emergencies) arise with your dust collection system. GoldLink monitors critical set points of your dust collector's health. GoldLink sends messages to the appointed people responsible for maintaining the operation of your dust collector and the process that it is keeping safe and productive.

Be prepared for the unexpected (explosions and fires). When accidents and emergencies happen, you will be the first to know and respond. GoldLink sends messages when critical incidents happen in your facility. Ensure that you’re the first to respond when untimely accidents happen to your manufacturing process.

Generate reports for local inspectors like the EPA or OSHA at the touch of a button. 3 months, 6 months or even one year of data is available at the touch of a few buttons. Reports are easy to print and can be submitted as required.

You are always connected at the touch of a button, both in and out of the factory. GoldLink's home page will keep graphical information on your dust collector's filter pressure drop, ensuring you only replace filters when needed, airflow velocity monitors ensure that your system is removing dust for your process efficiently and emission data ensures your system is keeping your plant safe from unwanted process dust. GoldLink will support multiple dust collectors and multiple users through your facility, ensuring users see and are notified when issues with your system occur.

Diagnostics help maintain your dust collection system. Your GoldLink system monitors the pressure drop of your filters and will send alarms at critical points. This will ensure that you purchase consumables for just-in-time (JIT) maintenance shut downs.

  • Be prepared for impending maintenance issues
  • Ensure that stock is available for your preventative maintenance requirements
  • Limit stock and buy JIT

Set your GoldLink to send reports of your system's health at any frequency you like. Daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports can be generated when you want. This is to ensure you get information when you want it and you are not overwhelmed with unwanted email volume.

Goldlink screenshot

4 Present Analog Monitoring Points

  • Primary filter
  • Secondary filter*
  • Air flow*
  • Emissions**Additional sensor required

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