FDC Controller

Built for:Dust & Fume


  • For pulse-jet style industrial dust collectors

Key Features:

  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Universal input voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Up to 20 outputs on-board, expands to 990 outputs (with expansion boards)
  • Diagnostic/program LEDs for “at-a glance” system status indication
  • Finger-safe terminations
  • Simple programming via push-button and dial knob
  • User selectable program access code

User Friendly Controls for Dust Collectors

The Farr Dust Collector (FDC) Controller's flexible design allows it to be adapted to many industrial dust collector configurations. The Timer Control Module will sequentially pulse up to ten outputs in "On-Demand" mode, based upon the Pressure Switch closure on the Pressure Differential Meter. If more output capability is needed, up to 980 additional outputs can be controlled with multiple Expander Modules connected to the controller. Furthermore, the controller features a current sensing capability, which allows electrical fault monitoring for up to three solenoids per output. This capability makes it possible to control and monitor up to 2,970 individual solenoids from one Control Module, and has the added convenience of providing an Auto Configuration option for ease in initial setup.

The Pressure Differential Meter is a digital/bar graph differential pressure (ΔP) control meter, and is designed to interface with the Timer Control Module. The Pressure Differential Meter is capable of measuring differential pressure and displaying that value in both analog bar graph and digital displays. Both Hi/Lo Cleaning and Hi Alarm set points can be programmed.

The Expander Module is the expansion output module in the FDC Controller. The Expansion Module operates in conjunction with the Core Timer Controller with up to 98 unique address expansion boards for a total of 990 outputs.

Additionally, the simple five step intuitive programming procedure makes it easy to setup or change any program item. Using a single Pushbutton/Encoder along with 19 LED's and a 3-digit display, the programming procedure can be self-taught in less than one minute. Following is a list of the user programmable Controller functions:

  • Cycle Down Mode
  • Solenoid Pulse Times
  • Auto or Manual Output Configuration
  • Run/Standby Mode
  • Pressure Control Set Points
  • Pressure Alarm Set Points
  • Solenoid Fault Alarm Contact Configuration (N.O. or N.C.)
  • Output Pulsing Options

A universal input power supply lets you apply nominal input voltage ranging from 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz to the controller, and the supplied voltage will be correspondingly switched to the outputs.

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